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Health & Wellness Webinar Series

Corona Pandemic, Job Losses, Financial Pressures, Sedentary Lifestyle, Stress… there are multiple reasons why our Physical and Mental Health is taking a beating these days. Most people do not have the time to exercise or eat the right kind and right amount of food and we wake up to the health hazards when either it is too late or when we get a rude health shock. 
Canada India USA Development Forum (CIUDF) wants to balance our busy work lives with a healthier personal life. Going forward, we will host Virtual Sessions and Webinars with Health Experts from different streams, where people can gain valuable knowledge, tips and more, to improve their mental and physical health. 
Visit our Website for the upcoming sessions, which will also be posted on Social Media and live streamed on Facebook. These sessions will be supported by our partner organization, Impact Media & Events Corporation (IMEC) www.imec.biz

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