Episode 25 : 
Role of Not for Profit Organizations during a Pandemic.
Episode 24 : 
Mental Health, Anxiety & How to cope with it, especially during a Pandemic

Episode 23:

How to take care of your mind & body during Pandemic and beyond ?

Episode 22:

Topic : “College or University : What is Right for You ?” 

Episode 21:

Topic : “How businesses are coping one year into Covid-19, Pandemic’s effects on people’s Jobs & Businesses and how they are adapting to new realities”

Episode 20:

Topic : ” Recovering from the Pandemic after getting the virus and how it changed your life and thinking about everything.

Episode 19:

Topic : ” The Business of Education : Role of International Education in strengthening Canada India Relations “

Episode 18:

Health Forum 2021, Session 1 of 12

Episode 17:

Make in India Conference on Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Construction and Wellness. Speakers include High Commissioner of India Mr. Ajay Bisaria, Tourism Minister of Ontario Lisa MacLeod, India Tourism, Invest India, ICICI Bank Canada and other stakeholders. 

Episode 16:

Role of Indo Canadian Political Leaders in Canada India Relations

Episode 15:

Keystone Cancellation & Alberta: Impact for today, Implications for tomorrow

Episode 14:

Punjab Ontario Virtual Conference

Episode 13:

A Round table on Canada India USA Relations

Episode 12:

Punjabi Political Leaders Roundtable as part of the New Punjab, Pyara Punjab Project

Episode 11:

Punjabi Business Leaders Roundtable as part of the New Punjab, Pyara Punjab Project

Episode : 10 

In Conversation with Annamie Paul, Leader, Green Party of Canada


Episode 9:

In Conversation with Annie Dube, Canada’s Consul General in Mumbai, India

Episode 8:

Canada India Insight Virtual Conference

Episode 7:

Investment and Wealth Management during Pandemic

Episode 6:
Print Media: How Relevant, Responsible & Sustainable?

Episode 5 :

Vocal for Local with Hon Niranjan Jyoti, Minister of State for Rural Development, Govt of India. 

Episode 4:

Corona, New NAFTA (USMCA) and Ontario with Hon. Victor Fedeli

Episode 3 :  

Size Doesn’t Matter : Yukon Calling. With Deputy Premier of Yukon (Canada) Hon. Ranj Pillai

Episode 2:

Challenges for today’s Board of Directors including Automation, Layoffs, Executive Bonuses, Corona and more.
With Rahul Bhardwaj, President & CEO, Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD)